Un appartement à Marseille à vider : notre équipe sur le pont!

It is October 12 in the morning, the weather is clear and the city is calm for a Tuesday. Our team arrives at the foot of the building with all the equipment necessary for the day’s mission. Empty a complete apartment on the 8th floor, with some furniture that does not pass the elevator. Thus, our team gets to know the place with Madame M., who welcomes us in a jovial manner. Thanks to his indications, the same ones we had received during the visit, we are able to start working.


First step in apartment clearance: isolate the valued goods


During our visit, we were able to point out to our client the goods that were of value. In fact, we formulated, on our estimate, an offer to purchase these objects. The initial step is therefore to separate the valued goods from the rest. To do this, we make room in a room by moving its contents, so as to store the targeted furniture and appliances.
Once this is done, we proceed to protect all the elements. Also, we cover all of this with blankets and bubble wrap to avoid chips and scratches during transportation. In this accommodation, we were able to enhance several trinkets, including a scarlet glass bedside lamp. Once this step is done, we can move on to the storage room itself.


Sorting and packaging of objects


In order to allow the most efficient recycling of all the objects present, we sort everything. Our on-site team is therefore working first to separate the different materials. Cardboard, wood, plastic, scrap metal (pots and cutlery in particular), or rubble (earthenware and porcelain) are, in fact, separated. In addition, special attention is paid to household appliances and electrical appliances. Indeed, these goods must be carefully recycled. This is linked to the multiplicity of their components, which often incorporate rare and / or polluting materials and metals. WEEE, for electronic and electrical equipment waste, is therefore isolated and sent to the specialized parts of our partners in charge of waste treatment.

The containers differ depending on the size and composition of the objects. Thus, we make maximum use of cardboard containers. In this way, we make sure that the environmental impact is as limited as possible. We also use rigid bins to separate heavy or dangerous items. This is, for example, the case with glass. Indeed, it can break and become sharp.


Bulky waste disposal and furniture storage Marseille


Clearance of bulky items


Following this, we can proceed to the evacuation of the goods present in the places. This is the delicate and physical part! We take the most bulky pieces of furniture down the stairs, and use the elevator, which we have taken care to protect beforehand, for the boxes and containers that we have filled. After a few hours of sweating, we were able to find the accommodation empty and ready to be sold by its owner.

Finally, the last step consisted of cleaning up the traces of our intervention. To do this, we had a good sweeping throughout the accommodation, then in the common areas. After carrying out a final inventory with our client, we were able to declare our mission as accomplished!

The drive home and the shower that follows are always some of the best times of the day.

See you soon for new team stories.

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